Mystery Astoria Valve

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I'm working on an older Astoria two group commercial machine. It's stripped down to the frame now, and I'm clearing out all of the lines. This one kind of baffled me. It had a little white dollop sticking out the end that looked like the top of a soft serve ice cream cone. Descale wouldn't touch it, so it wasn't limescale. It turned out to be the plunger of a one-way valve that had melted in place. I can't seem to find that plunger listed on any sites that deal with Astoria products. I see a lot of 1/4-3/8, but none that are 3/8-3/8. It also appears that this may have been the wrong item, since it had a plunger that wasn't heat resistant--of course, with all the plugged lines, who knows. Any leads?

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Here's the closest I could find, and it's the complete valve:


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That there's the one: ... 67mm?pt=11

The often times don't survive a freeze event and keep the correct shape to prevent flow in the wrong direction.

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You're awesome!! Thanks so much. Just ordered the replacement.