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Replacing motor run and motor start capacitors is a common fix when older grinders start to lose power but finding them at a decent price is sometimes a challenge. The last time I needed on in a hurry I found a store that caters to HVAC (Air Conditioning) and they had what I needed for $5 or so. Since then, I've been using a mail order place for some of my copper fitting and electrical supply needs as I outfit our new building. Today I received an ad pointing out they also sell capacitors and looking, the selection is large and the prices are good to decent. Since I'll probably forget before the question is asked again, I figured I post it here for the record.


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ira wrote: Replacing motor run and motor start capacitors ...
... at a decent price is sometimes a challenge.
Indeed ...
And not only capacitors.

A great many parts in grinders, espresso machines, etc. are literally 'off the shelf' items.
But if they have what I call the OEM curse, their 'off the shelf' price goes up considerably.

One of my first experiences with this issue was with the water intake valve (530-591-800) for my Cimbali Jr. D/1.
It is nothing more than a one-way 180° 220/240 50Hz. electrovalve, a standard washing machine part of which there are many brands and qualities.
But the OEM version would have cost me almost twice as much as the most expensive EC made version I found while searching for a replacement.

There are many more examples of this, from silicone washers to piston seals, switches, relays and even bakelite handles.

Thanks for posting the source for capacitors.



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Any time. Just figured if I did this now I could search for it in the future as an answer.



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Thanks for posting as it will most probably save me time in the future. At the very least, I'll remember I saw something here on HB!

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Thank you Ira!

I tagged it as a FAQ thread so when anyone searches for the terms in the title, the thread will also show up as suggested threads below.
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Thanks, I figured there should be something like that, glad to know it exists.