Modding Rancilio Rocky Grinder for 58mm Burrs?

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I have been looking for a new espresso setup, and decided to get a second-hand Rancilio Silvia, and a Rancilio Rocky. I got both for a super nice deal, and am overall happy with my decision.

My main goal for the Rocky, is to either A: replace it in the future with something nicer. Or B: Mod the heck out of it so its no longer considered a Rocky (because something about that is very funny to me). These are the main mods I plan to do: Continuous Grind Mod, Stepless Adjustment Mod, and 45 Degree Tilt Mod. I plan on doing more mods as well, but I need more suggestions. That being said, if anyone has any mod suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated!


I got to thinking and was curious what it would take to Mod the rocky to fit 58 mm burrs. There seems to be room for larger burrs if you can get the right burr carrier. But other than that I dont know what else it would take to do that. Like what burr carrier would be best, tools/materials needed, price, etc.

I understand that at that point you may as well get a nicer grinder. As it would be for roughly the same price, if not less. But I want to know what it takes to take a mediocre Rocky, and turn it into a great grinder.

Any thoughts?

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When you go to bigger burrs you generally need a more powerful (torque) motor to turn them. You also need tighter tolerances to keep the misalignment at the edge of the burrs to the same level.

Given that modding a Super Jolly, which is a much more robust grinder to start with and already has 64 mm burrs, is considered a marginal case, I would not put much money into a Rocky. I would say that a better option if you want to mod inexpensive grinders would be a Vario and "Forte-ifying" it.

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Thanks for your feedback! However, my goal for the Rocky is not just to mod it to make it better. I'm more curious as to what the limitations of modding a grinder like the Rocky are. The Rocky is a perfect grinder for this because it isn't a great grinder to mod. Yet, there are still good number of decent mods out there for it. It's also an old grinder, so there is quite a bit of documentation on it, as a grinder itself. As well as, It can be bought for rather cheap second-hand.

You're definitely right its not worth pouring money into a Rocky, but Its one of those cases where it doesn't make sense to do it, but I want to do it anyway. I'm curious as to what it takes, and I'll do whatever it takes with enough time, patience, and money. I suppose I didn't really make it clear that its more of an experiment, rather just an upgrade to the grinder, so I apologize.