Modding the KitchenAid espresso machine

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Been getting a lot of personal messages on here about mods on Kitchenaid Espresso machines. So far seems most people aren't reading my replies or aren't marking them read. Decided to make it a bit more public and possibly help more people.

Changed shower screen holder from stock aluminum to brass - better thermal mass (massively reduced the temp swing in shots to almost negligible if I let it warm up about 20 minutes or so)
Dripless Commercial OPV - No leaks, adjustable, doesn't wander
IMS Competition Screen - better/more even extraction
IMS Competition Basket - better/more even extraction
Caffewerks Silicone Portafilter Gasket - better gasket/easier to wipe down
Thicker Bottomless Portafilter - Judging shots/possibly better thermal mass
Rancilio Silvia V3 Steam wand - better traditional steaming
Modding the steam wand to burn-less (lined with Teflon tubing)- Got tired of having to scrub down the steam wand if I didn't clean the split second I took the wand out of the milk
Updated thermostat on steam boiler from 145C to 155C - Better pressure and mitigated variation on quality of steam
Replaced stock steamer boiler gaskets to silicone - required with the extra heat/pressure otherwise steamer boiler might leak.
Changed the rubber feet from ¼ inch to 1 inch - Needed the extra height for steaming since the replacement want was longer plus it helps evaporation of any moisture under the machine from refilling the tank etc.


The Rancillo V3 required an adapter and a trip to the machine shop to open up the adapter to let the spring and teflon seat for the ball joint move freely. Also I recommend taking it to burnless since you'll be in there. See guide here: DIY Rancilio Silvia V3 wand conversion to "burnless"

Blanking Disc -
Bottomless Portafilter with 21g Basket -
Brass Shower Plate - (get the 4 hole one had issues with the 6 hole creating channeling)
IMS Competition Filter Basket -
IMS Shower Screen -
Water Thermostat 107°C M4 -
La Pavoni Portafilters Handle -
Boiler Thermostat 155°C -
Gaggia Home Unit Boiler O-ring - Silicone -
Rancilio Silvia V3 Steam Wand -
Rancilio New Steam Wand Rebuild Kit -
Teflon tubing & Silicone gaskets -
OPV - Ebay
OPV Adapter pieces - Lowes
Rubber feet - Amazon
Feet hardware - Ace Hardware
Pressure gauge - ebay
Caffewerks E61 group gasket - (the picture shows a Cafelat gasket but I changed to the yellow Caffewerks for a better fit)

Here's the image of most of the parts. Old on right new on left.

OPV setup below: OPV brass adapter pieces were bought from Lowes but required some modification at a local machine shop for proper fitting.

Feet: Feet I got from Amazon, but required washers and other hardware to get the fitting right from the local hardware store.