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Awesome I will have to get this one as it looks really clean. I will try to move it a little more to the front if I can


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I also started with Jura, the ENA8. I could not get consistent results and returned it. The Bambino is such a great value, already paid for itself in a few months. I just wish there was a way to tweak the water temperature. I am also roasting beans from Sweet Marias, using a modified popper. If only there was a simple way to deal with all the smoke...

I couldn't find an easy way to mount the dimmer anywhere near the front, the walls may be too thick to accommodate the dimmer shaft, so the locknut can't screw on. I thought about removing some of the inner wall plastic, but it would have been messy. Maybe there is a different dimmer with longer shaft


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In addition to the price/performance ratio what really speaks to me is the size/performance ratio.

I just don't have the space for a Barista Express let alone the Double Bioler. Even if I saved to swing those prices they're just too big.

I'm upgrading from a cheap steam pressure-vessel type of espresso machine so the Bambino would be LOADS better.
I'll throw an M2 in my Encore and I'll be doing a big step up from what I've got currently.

I'm just sad I didn't find out about this a year ago when it was $299.
Though now that it comes with non-pressurized baskets too I suppose that makes up somewhat for the price difference.


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I paid $40 with shipping for an IMS basket and had the distinct pleasure of taking tools to brand new portafilter and having the break the plastic bottom out of it to fit the basket, so for $50 and two single wall baskets I'd have traded the frustration for sure!

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Great forum. Has anyone tried programmable dimmer? (e.g. adjusting dimmer up/down based on seconds to match the flow recipe?)
If not, I'm planning on going for it.

Also FYI: for the Breville Oracle, I've attached dimmer to Oracle, however, the knob can't use full range (e.g. after 1/4 turn, the pump shuts off)
Question, anyone who's installed a dimmer, does the pump use the the entire range of the dimmer? (or does it shut off after a 1/4 turn like mine?) Perhaps I installed it incorrectly? Or Breville pump is either all on or all off, which I kind of doubt. (since it has a pre-infusion which ramps up pressure, so somehow it does control the pump somehow)

Also, who has a simple pressure portafilter?
Thanks community!


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Hey, I have recently purchased a Bambino (not plus) and looking for a dose funnel. I want to ensure proper fit but most references are for the plus version. Could you tell me if the regular and plus are the the same size or not?


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Jeff wrote:With a good grinder and coffee, in the hands of someone with experience with the unit, I'd wager that a Robot, Flair, or one of the better vintage lever machines can more reliably pull a better shot than a Bambino or similar-class machine.
You have to find, with a new 15 bar machine, some way to reduce either the flow or the pressure. Else your best bet is to grind fresh, and use the OEM pressurized basket. "Grind finer"can only take you so far before you choke the basket; if at X grind you choke, but at X + .00001 you have too much flow, you need to just rely on the pressurized basket.

Or get a different machine.

One other note: I don't think the "small thermoblock" is incapable of a good shot. Again, flow control helps here. Slower flow = better temperature consistency thru the block, as the incoming water warms up more.


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Termech wrote:Hey, I have recently purchased a Bambino (not plus) and looking for a dose funnel. I want to ensure proper fit but most references are for the plus version. Could you tell me if the regular and plus are the the same size or not?

The portafilter size on the Bambino and Bambino Plus are the same. Both 54 mm.


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This is incredibly cool. Any chance you have some photos / video of the dimmer mod from inside your machine?


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For those of you who have done the dimmer mod on a Bambino, where did you attach the ground wire? Hoping if possible to avoid a permanent modification to the machine, but will if it's unavoidable