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Flow profile with high 9bar constant pressure doesn't pull good shot, however, get lower flow rate with the dimmer mod will be better to go, breville has more than 8-9ml/s flow rate and try get to 4ml/s.
The rest of part to pull shots has to be receipt and skills, let's say chocolatey medium roasted bean, go finer and get 88-90c brew temps and get 1.4:1 or less ratio with 4ml/s constant flow rate.


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rainy_coffee wrote:One more dimmer question: have folks had success getting good control with a single pole dimmer, i.e. smooth control from no flow to low flow to full flow?

Deep down the rabbit hole on forum threads where folks were discussing Ulka pumps on Gaggias, there was some mention of having to do extra things like throw a resistor in parallel with the pump to get full dimmer control. Was curious if anyone had to do that with the Bambino dimmer mods.

I suppose another dimmer mod question is how long anyone's been using the dimmer mod, to answer questions of longevity :D

Dak, what dimmer switch / box is that if you don't mind linking to where you got it? Looks clean in the little box. Love the grinder pairing.
Flow control works effectively with single pole dimmer.

Leviton 42777-1WA Surface Mount... ... b_ap_share

ENERLITES Toggle Light Switch... ... b_ap_share


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I have been considering picking one of these up to learn how to make espresso and then maybe keep it as a steamer only, as I have heard very conflicting reports on how well a nanofoamer can texture milk...


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I hear ya. Lots of folks here spend thousands on (often quite large large) espresso machines and grinders that may be wonderful, but that I consider essentially commercial /restaurant equipment. I've been making espresso for over 25 years, and have never gone past the "beginner" semi-automatic SBDU machines, most recently a Gaggia Classic Pro. I've long been a hand grinder, though I admit the Niche Zero is (finally) an attractive option for the home user, and not surprisingly similar competing grinders have already appeared.

My cousin uses a Flair and a hand grinder, and roasts his own coffee, but like you, I find all that too labor intensive. The Bambino is nicely compact and full-featured, but I wonder how necessary those features are, and how robust and durable it will be. I've done the 9 bar OPV mod on the Classic, as well as the mods you suggest, but ime, the limiting factor on espresso quality on modestly priced machines is the temperature control issue, as others here have said. The Classic gets very hot very quickly, but I still let it warm up for at least 20 minutes to stabilize the temperature, then run some water through it to cool it off just before pulling a shot. This is all I need for consistently good espresso with the forgiving, i.e., low acid and easily extracted, traditional "espresso blends" I use. I think the Classic, the latest iteration of a design that Gaggia has featured since at least 1977, was designed with that style of espresso in mind. The lighter, fruitier, single origin roasts that now seem to be fashionable would be more of a challenge, though I enjoy them as pour over or French press coffee.


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FWIW I recently switched the ims shower screen back out to the original Breville screen, but kept the ims precision basket, and along with the J-Max I am consistently pulling the best and most consistent shots I've ever pulled in this machine. Oh and I am using wdt once again, the problem before wasn't wdt after all, it was the ims screen, just doesn't work well on the Bambino, lots of channeling no matter what else I did or didn't do.


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Which IMS basket do you have and how much is your typical dose in it?


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That's interesting. I use the IMS screen and the IMS competition 18-20 gm basket and have no channeling at all.


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Is there a small single pole dimmer and on/off switch that someone can recommend?

I want to have the switches mounted inside so i'll drill holes on the side so i can use them.

Also how are people measuring pressure? I want to adjust the OPV on the B+ down to 6.5 at the puck, but the portafilter + pressure gauge combo is not working as when it goes above 6 bars, water explodes out the top or it shuts off.


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On the Bambino, I installed the Westek 6077B 200-Watt Manual Dimmer. I drilled a hole on the left side of the machine where the walls were the thinnest to accommodate the shorter shaft. There is just enough thread to accept the locknut, and knob sits flush on the machine.

I seem to get full range control from 0-100%. I've used it for a month and enjoy the extra control and tastier shots.


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Brief note just to say that I bought a Breville Bambino (the basic machine, not the Plus) a few weeks ago. I bought it as a temporary replacement while we got our Jura S8 superautomatic repaired. I was really surprised at how much better the espresso tasted coming from this tiny machine versus the Jura S8. Both my wife and I noticed that the flavor of our morning cappuccinos was much richer. We'd always been pretty happy with the Jura but now we've gotten used to the flavor of the coffee from the Bambino. I've got my Jura machine back now and yet I find myself making espressos for myself and my wife on the Bambino instead of getting the fully automated shots from the Jura superautomatic. Also, the milk frothing on the Bambino is fantastic, far superior to Jura. My original plan was to sell off the Bambino when the Jura was repaired, but now I think I will keep it.

One thing I wanted to mention is that Breville is now shipping four baskets with the Bambino: single and double baskets both pressurized and non-pressurized. I've been using the non-pressurized double basket. Usually with a 17 gram dose of espresso. I've been using home roasted beans from Sweet Marias and also dark roast from Peets. Both have produced excellent results on the Bambino.