Moccamaster brewer - nothing happens after freeze and steam

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Good evening to you all,
Found this forum in search for help. I have a classic Moccamaster for the quick liter of black coffee. We live in an off the grid house, without power and water, so we stored the Moccamaster cold this winter to save on power, only using the bialetti mocapot. Now the sun have returned and we have more power to again use both the Moccamaster and the coffee grinder. Anywho.. Before we stored the machine we emptied it as best as we could for any water or moisture. When I got it in to the warmth again and started up, first a big cloud of steam puffed up, then it stopped. Now, the light turns on, but absolutely nothing happens.

I fear I should have been more patient heating it up, before turning on the power, that some ice was in the system. And that maybe some fuse, or something else went off there..
Does this ring any bells? An issue easy enough to fix? I opened up the bottom to look for any obvious fuses or switches, but couldn't see anything at first glance.

After this happen, the heating plate button also doesn't light up, just the light on the on button. Both buttons worked the moment I turned it on first, before the puff of steam.


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If you give the machine a shake( with no water in it!) , can you hear the float switch jiggle? I'd guess it's possible the float got stuck down.
If the heater light isn't coming on I'd also be suspect of the carafe switch