Minuscule part of Baby Gaggia: where do I place it

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I am slowly solving the problems of my 2001 Baby Gaggia.
I am almost there. I also replaced the spring which determines the extraction pressure.

I am now in the process of finding the right calibration for the hexagonal screw which presses the spring.

I just noticed today that there is a small part, a sort of metal screen, which is depicted right to the beer cap, which certainly I screwed out of the part which regulates the pressure months ago, when I began my repairing effort which I had to interrupt due to various causes. Now I don't remember any more where should I place it.

From above, at the moment, I have:

Hose connector;
metal screw with hexagonal recess;

My question is: where should I put this part?
a) From hose connector and metal screw (I don't think so);
b) From metals screw and spring;
c) at the bottom of the spring.

Thanks for any help

Espressofilo (original poster)

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I opened my Gaggia today again and I am surprised that that little part actually doesn't fit anywhere, without being bent, in the part that I was operating in.

I am quite puzzled now regarding where did I take that out from.