Mazzer rejuvenation / polishing advice

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Hello All,
I have recently purchased a 2018 Mazzer Mini Electric A and after a thorough clean, a new anti-static screen and gasket as well as fitting a set of lightly used 0033M Super Jolly burrs it is running fantastically. However, it has had a hard life at a well known UK coffee chain and the exterior is a bit shabby. My idea is to remove the scratches and scuffs and give it a good polish but not having done this before I wanted to double check that I was on the right path rather than making it worse!
I was thinking of using the following products from this UK store that would fit to my DeWalt drill. I would be grateful if any members could advise if these would be suitable for the Mazzer or suggest an alternative?
Thank you in advance.

Firstly for the scratches ... e-180-grit

Secondly, this polishing kit for both Aluminium and stainless steel parts ... -2-pro-max

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You should be able to make that kit work to some degree. If you have trouble you'll find the hard way that metal polishing is a bit of a dark art. Aluminum is easier than stainless at least.

Last time I stripped a painted mazzer grinder (and a sailboat mast) I think I found enough pitting that polishing was not going to work. So maybe be prepared mentally to go to the powder coaters and have an awesome color for about $100.

Wear a mask and good luck.
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Thank you for the advice! There is not too much pitting so fingers crossed the kit will work. I had thought about painting or powder-coating but at this stage I'm looking to keep costs down.

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You can powder coat the Mazzer's and it will turn out. You will need to remove the motor windings out of the housing first though. I've had a lot of luck bringing cast aluminum parts to a local metal polishing shop. Here is an older shot of a K30 I had buffed, it has about the same quality casting.

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Vim cream at the dollar store and a sponge or microfibre cloth. Don't use anything abrasive or you'll scratch it more.

In my experience vim has gotten watered down a lot in the last few years. It's still worth a try. I don't know of an equivalent cream based cleaner though. I'm sure there has to be one.

Maybe Wrights? ... 53&sr=8-13

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buckersss wrote: Maybe Wrights?
Thank you very much. I'll have a look at that.