Mazzer mod: hopper replacement

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#1: Post by fransg »

A while ago Stephen / Photondrv showed me pictures of a transparent pipe replacing his Mazzer hopper and I liked that a lot. I searched for them on the forum but didn't find where he uploaded the pictures if he did, otherwise I'd have posted in reply to his posting.

I went to a local plastics firm and bought a short pipe but it didn't quite fit the metal tube left open when removing the hopper. At a local aluminum workshop they made a fitting for me out of one solid piece of aluminum:

The aluminum fitting is so high that I think I could probably do without the transparent (acryl?) tube on top of it.

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#2: Post by mitch236 »

Wow, that looks incredible! For single dosing, you won't need the tube but you could simulate a filled hopper by filling the tube with about 2-3" of beans.


#3: Post by spentpuck »

I "need that"! would free up some room too......Have my Mazzer hopper "squished in a corner which is difficult to move , clean etc!


#4: Post by benhogan »


Looks great! Can you invert the aluminum piece to fit directly into the "throat" of the grinder?

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fransg (original poster)

#5: Post by fransg (original poster) »

Benhogan I tried the fitting upside down but then the pipe is just a tiny bit too wide and it looks a bit odd too, like a chimney.

There's a (Dutch) clip about the guys that made the fitting:

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#6: Post by FotonDrv »

This is what I did.

The plunger keeps weight on the bean column, stops bean popping and acts like a pump(almost air tight fit) to clear residue of beans that are dumped in single dose style using RDT. Leaves a pretty clean chamber that way. The plunger is a solid acrylic rod.
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#7: Post by spentpuck »

That is pretty slick FotonDRv! Imagine another identical Aluminum collar from Frans's piece put on top of his tube with your plunger idea.....almost "apple-esq" the I-Hopper wish I had your guys talents!

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#8: Post by FotonDrv »

Thank you!

I guess I should put a nice looking wooden knob on top of it, or an aluminum collar/cap? Not sure what to do and that is why it is plain clear polished.
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#9: Post by spentpuck »

Yes....for yours a wood cap of the same type on top would work out nicely...


#10: Post by spentpuck »

BTW FotonDrv

Is that acrylic by any chance the same diameter as a dosing funnel I believe you turned for an HG-ONE? THNX