Mazzer grinder adjustment - chrome plating is ruined

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#1: Post by DrAri »

I'm wonder how to get this chrome removed easily. Any ideas? I let it sit in acetone for 5 hours today and it didn't do much. Any advice?

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#2: Post by Marcelnl »

acetone will not do much, some acid should do...HCl is often used to remove chrome, but beware watch out and take great care using it!
Afterwards you probably need to do some polishing, fine steel wool is likely a good candidate.
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#3: Post by stefano65 »

Apart from acids
a brush wheel on a grinder
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#4: Post by DrAri (original poster) »

Went ahead and sanded it manually


#5: Post by Pressino »

The chrome remaining inside the numerals gives a nice contrast effect. :)