Mazzer bottom burr housing scratches

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#1: Post by DrAri »

I did something stupid :roll: the grinder was clogged and in an attempt to unclog the grinder chute, I scraped the lower burr housing pretty badly. It's creating a "whirr" sound of metal on metal as it grinds. Order a new piece or can I get away with taking it off and sanding down the indentations until there's no grinding sound?

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#2: Post by ira »

I would try to take a piece of fine sandpaper and see if it can fit between the side and the damaged fin and then just turn it back and forth till the rubbing is gone. it will probably work even if you have to put the sandpaper across the exit and the push on the sandpaper with a towel pushed in the chute to supply gentle pressure or maybe the largest dowel you can fit, just something so the sandpaper sands.. The only purpose of those fins is to push out coffee and if you can get rid of the rubbing, I'd just let it be. It's quite unlikely it will effect the performance of the grinder unless you significantly alter the shape of that fin.


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#3: Post by HB »

Ira's idea sounds a lot less intrusive. You certainly could remove the lower burr carrier (instructions here) and sand down the wayward fin, but I'm a believer in not disassembling well-aligned parts unless necessary. The lower carrier is made of aluminum, so sanding it should be fairly easy.
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#4: Post by cafeIKE »

The lower burr is already out, so might as well remove the carrier. [Hopefully OP marked burr orientation... AND has the proper tools and skill.] It will make amelioration easier with less chance of messing up the chamber.

Just be sure it is scrupulously clean before re-assembly.


#5: Post by TallDan »

I would do as Ira suggested. The bottom burr carrier on the three mazzer grinders I had were not easy to remove. I persisted with removing one of them and it was not worth the effort for me. With some coarse sandpaper near the exit chute, you should be able to smooth the outside of the burr carrier enough to stop the rubbing and avoid any further damage to the grinder.

(Although IMO, "well aligned parts" is a bit generous of a description for anything on a mazzer :wink: )