Making a Teflon Tape Wad Gasket

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Espresso machines are often not built with the utmost precision.
Fittings don't align or don't have mating thread types designed to seal, such as the mate between an Ulka bleed valve and OPV:

By making a Teflon Tape Wad Gasket, you can seal almost anything.

For items that require alignment, such as a thermonsyphon tube and boiler outlet, stop tightening the fitting about 1/6 turn early and gently ease into position for perfect alignment.

Larger fittings can be sealed in the same manner substituting Teflon plumber's string which fills the void more rapidly.


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So, is this basically the same as wrapping the threads in Teflon tape - just *more*?

In the video, it looks like the standard few wraps, but then more and more with a higher amount up towards the top?

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Depending on the thread slop and surface roughness of the mating service, the area near the flange may require more build up.