Mahlkonig PEAK - I really need help with display.

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hello. Has anyone experienced the same symptoms as me? I cleaned 1 of the grinders. Due to COVID-19, no guests came and kept it in the warehouse and tested it in the middle.
The last time I tested it was 3 months ago and I tested it yesterday.
Everything was working fine until 3 months ago, but when I tested it yesterday, everything else works fine, but the display just won't come out.
The coffee spout bulb comes out normally. Has anyone had the same problem as me?
It's difficult because the parts are too expensive in these tough times.
Please attach a picture of the board.


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Hi welcome to HB.
Do you check the reset button near the main power switch ?

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Welcome to HB Jamie

The K30 has no discreet illumination device that can be replaced on its own. The entire display board must be replaced. I see no reason to believe that the Peak, which came after, would be any different.
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Jamie (original poster)

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thanks for the comment! I tried pressing the switch under power. The motor works well, but only the display does not come out.