Mahlkoenig grinder won't stay on

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Hi everyone,

After moving and setting up grinder, I found out it will not stay on. It grinds coffee normally.

Grinder only runs while keeping green ON button pressed.

Ideas for a fix?



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Is there a 'Menu' for your grinder that would permit you to change modes from say, 'Grind On Demand', that seems to be the mode that you're in now to 'Timed' mode where you would program a prescribed time in seconds?
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#3: Post by JRising »

Sounds like a "Latching Relay" is probably dead. This is only a guess, you should probably look and test, it could be a bad connection or burnt wire to the relay.

This may help. ... S.pdf?2212
Number 79 looks like the only relay in there... Nicer than a GH2.


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Which model of Mahlkonig grinder?