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Hi all, I've been lurking this site for awhile but have just joined-lots of great information here.
I currently have an Oscar 1 but have been looking for a project for our long Canadian winters.
I am going to look at a Mac Digit machine that will require a full restoration. It's a 1997 model.
From the pictures it seems to be all there, are there any red flags I should be aware of?
Are there parts that are unobtainable for this machine?
The seller wants $200 for it so not a big cash outlay.
Also, what are the differences between the digit, cup, and 2000 machines?
Are these parts interchangeable?
I'm a newbie at this and will be able to handle, plumbing, descaling, polishing, painting. Electronics I may need to farm out
Any input is appreciated, also links to companies that sell parts would be great.
Thanks again

Team HB

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Make sure you have power to run it, likely 220V, possibly 20 or 30 amps. Make sure the pump comes with it and runs. Not much information, but it looks like a semiauto commercial machine. If you can power it up, make sure the buttons work. Descaling and gaskets are easy and inexpensive, electronics sometimes aren't. Also it might still be worth only $200 when it works like new.

Dougfur (original poster)

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Thanks for that. The machine is 110V. The pumps is inside the machine, is it not?
The electronic touchpad is what concerns me- i understand they're pretty much unobtainable.
Appreciate your feedback