Luminaire auto shot timer on Rancilio Silvia

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#1: Post by Maxcheese »

I was curious as if anyone installed the Luminaire auto shot timer on a Silvia.

Where do you get the wire throug? Is it really effecient in your workflow? I was thinking of getting one and once the grinding settings are dialed in, just ditch the scale/timer for every single shot and just rely on displayed time?

Anyone experienced with this?


#2: Post by SCespresso »

Have you considered installing a pid instead? You'd get some timer function and much better temp control

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Maxcheese (original poster)

#3: Post by Maxcheese (original poster) »

I fitted my Silvia with the basic Auber PID which gives me the temp control and I find it to be a major improvement but there's unfortunately no timer function on the thing :x


#4: Post by SCespresso »

Really? I had an auber on a gaggia and it would count down from a set amount of time if you ran the machine from the auber