Lucca M58 PID button fell out.

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#1: Post by s4g »

Has anyone had one of the metal buttons fall out of their PID on the M58? Is it safe to glue back in?


#2: Post by Giampiero »

No, i would not glued it, because if some glue goes in the microswitch it will clog it, and then you have to buy a new PID board.
Just try to fit it again, pushing not too hard, if not remain in position just put a thin foil of something ( preferably non conductive) inside the button hole, then try again.

s4g (original poster)

#3: Post by s4g (original poster) »

yea that's my worry as well. It sits in there most of the time. Thanks for the foil idea! I'll try something like that.


#4: Post by jeffrey123 »

Mine falls out occasionally. It's rare enough that I just put it back instead of thinking about a real fix. Maybe a little wedge of two-sided tape?