Lucca A53 Mods for best spro

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Hey there, just got my hands on a Lucca A53 mini by La Spaziale. I'm used to a commercial linea at a coffee shop ive been a barista at so I'm disappointed in the shower screen and group head. Ultimately everything's been tasting amazing which is good but the performance hasn't been completely up to my satisfaction.
I've seen a few things about the IMS shower screen and portafilter baskets but can't seem to find a place to buy them? Any suggestions for a site for these as well as a flatter group head screw? Those will probably make the biggest difference in pulling shots so I'd like to address that first.
Also, I bought this second hand so I'm not sure if the tamper is the correct diameter. Any suggestions on a good site for a tamper? Custom built wood would be legit. On that note a matching portafilter at some point down the line wouldn't be a bad idea for looks!
Third, it seems that my portafilter won't twist all the way in so that it is perpendicular to the machine's front - is this normal or should I be concerned? My pucks seem to be firm but have this "muddy" look to them like they aren't sealing well.... Thoughts?
Lastly, any other mods that you have to suggest would be great! It came with the shot timer and pre infusion chamber but I'm open to tinkering to get the most out of this! Currently just using it at home but eventually plan to set it up with a cart for catering. Thanks!!