Looking for someone to manufacture a tamper base

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#1: Post by IridiumBlackberry »

Hey all,

I bought a new coffee machine that uses a 54.4mm portafilter which means my current 58.5mm tamper won't fit! I really like my tamper(Decent self leveling tamper v3) but I can't find a suitable substitute base. Is there anyone here on the platform that would be able to manufacture a base for me out of stainless steel?

I've attached my designs of what the part should look like. Sorry in advance, I don't really have proper CAD software.


#2: Post by robmack »

If your handle is removable from the base, then can't you take the base to a local machine shop to have it turned down on a lathe? The machinist can use a bolt or similar as an arbor to secure in the lathe chuck. It should cost less for the labor than for a new tamper.
- Robert