Looking for a Livia 90 part

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If anyone has a spare plastic knob for the hot water control on the front of the Livia 90, I could give it a good home. (postage etc happily reimbursed, of course).

The one on my machine gave up its hold on the turning mechanism and I have been using a pair of pliers for the job, but Liv would look much more presentable if she had both knobs.

In case this isn't clear enough, I will take a picture later and append it to this post.



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Hi Susan,
They are available brand new for $5 at https://pasquini.com/products/product-1 ... 7088&_ss=r When you make the purchase, you get 1 knob, with 2 face plates. Since you're paying for shipping anyway, consider grabbing a bag of their coffee, and a blue or orange portafilter gasket.

SJM (original poster)

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Excellent, thank you :-)))
I should have thought of that.
I bought my Livia from them (refurbished) years ago, and she has made me very happy.

Order placed :-)))))


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You're welcome.

I just rescued one and with a lot of help from the folks on the forum here, learned a ton about it, and was able to repair it. I'm really enjoying it.

SJM (original poster)

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I followed all of that and was impressed with how readily you took and followed the excellent guidance you got.
Thank you for giving back :-))))


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It was really fun, and my first "real" espresso machine. Everyone was really kind to give a newbie a hand.