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#1: Post by Stanic »

Hi all,
I'm posting this in hope of finding someone willing to help. I need to get the Bonavita 1.7l kettle replacement lid:
https://www.kitchenkapers.com/products/ ... 7564706900
Unfortunately, these are only available in the US and Canada, so I'm looking for someone kind enough to get one and post to Poland. I'm happy to PayPal the money including postage.
Many thanks in advance!


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I forgot to mention, I'll cover all costs associated, of course :)


#3: Post by DavidGinNYC »

Hi Rastisalv,

I just saw your post. Are you still looking for this? Let me know, I'll help you. I can either post from the US, or I'll be in London in a couple weeks and can send from there.



#4: Post by Stanic »

Lovely, many thanks David, two members have responded via PM, I am very grateful for the forum response. I'll let you know should there be any further assistance necessary. Have a nice day!


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I would like to express gratitude to members who responded - Michael/CarefreeBuzzBuzz, David/DavidGinNYC and I am mostly thankful to Craig/baldheadracing, who was the first to reply and had the patience to follow through the whole process :) he even included an extra gift!
I am now looking how to modify the lid, as the v-spout kettle is different to gooseneck of course
thanks again!