Looking for espresso machine circuit diagram.

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I know it's a long shot, but I hope that you'll be able to help. I own an old espresso machine that I know that it has at least two brand names: spresso concept and the other: pony espresso. the machine served me well until now, when it got faulty and I would like to try to fix it. in order to do so, I would like to get the circuit diagram of its control board. the control board was manufactured by an Italian manufacturer called "Gicar" and its part no. is 45301.
Thanx for your help.

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amron wrote:... manufacturer called "Gicar" and its part no. is 45301.
I don't think that is a Gicar part number, it is most probably the OEM's number for that part.
Gicar SRL is an Italian manufacturer of (among many other electronic controls) industrial level/flow controllers:

See: https://www.gicarsrl.com/en/ and https://www.gicarsrl.com/en/prodotti/le ... e-liquids/.

The controllers I have seen in espresso machines usually have numbers such as "NRL30/1E-2C/F".
I have never been able to get any data on their numbering scheme.

See if you can find such a number in the box or on the circuit board and if then original one is shot (may not be) you know where/how to replace it if your efforts do not bear fruit.

As to fixing it, I don't think you'll find a schematic posted anywhere as it is probably an OEM patent protected design.

If you have enough electronics knowledge, you may be able to trace the circuit and find out what is going on.
It is not a complicated circuit but you have to know what you are doing.

There are other newer programmable models that are much more complicated to deal with.

You may want to read the site's FAQ and use HB's search function for more info.
/faqs-and-f ... igest.html



amron (original poster)

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Civ - thanx for the reply. I think that I know what you mean - advising me to look for the model name on the box, the thing is that in my machine the control is a printed circuit board, it's not encapsulated in a box, and the number "cod 45301" is printed on the board. unfortunately, I don't know how to upload a picture on this site, if I would've known - it would've been clearer. if you or any other member could guide me how to do it, it will be highly appreciated.

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amron wrote: thanx ...
You're welcome.
amron wrote: ... control is a printed circuit board ...
... not encapsulated ...
... "cod 45301" is printed on the board.
I see.
Maybe it is a special design for the machine's OEM.
amron wrote: ... don't know how to upload a picture on this site ...
Hmm ...
Haven't got around to reading the FAQ yet?

See FAQ, then Read me and then Posting images on HB

You may want to post a couple of photos of your espresso machine and any ID tag it may have.
Look all over the chasis, there should be something somewhere.

Also post photos of both sides of the circuit board.
Gicar controllers are installed in a great many brands/models of espresso machines so maybe someone here at HB can, based on experience, do an exact ID for you.

Another possibility would be to send the people at Gicar an email with the photos asking for a model number.
Here: info@gicarsrl.com

You may get a reply with the model number you asked for or a dumb boiler-plate reply saying it is a proprietary design for which you have to contact the machine's OEM for any and all information.

In any case, you have not mentioned exactly what is wrong with your espresso machine.
Maybe the Gicar is not the problem.

Please tell us about it.



amron (original poster)

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Thanx for the comments.
Managed to attach the pic. here they are:

As per the problem with the machine - after turning it on, there are no leds on the front panel, nor any response from pushing the touch buttons. I can hear clicking from a solenoid, but that it. I suspect that the VCC voltage on the control board is missing. that's why I would like to acquire the circuit diagram.
Of course I've addressed "Gicar". unfortunately, my Email wasn't replied.

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amron wrote: Thanx ...
You're welcome.
amron wrote: Managed to attach ...
Do read the rest of the FAQ when you have a few minutes.
amron wrote: ... addressed "Gicar".
... Email wasn't replied.
Give them time.
They may eventually answer but I would not hold my breath.

In any case, it would seem that your espresso machine uses ESE pods.
These are a favourite of small restaurants and catering which do not want to bother with grinders and such and do not need the bling and expense of Nespresso units and pods.

Now, there is an ESE pod machine labeleld "Pony" made by a French OEM by the name of Unic that looks exactly like yours:

Image courtesy of alrp.se

Check at: https://www.unic-sa.com/ and https://www.unic-sa.com/contact-us/

My guess is that it is discontinued.

They may be able to give you the data you need and a reliable source for parts/user's manual to download if still available.

You may want to do a thorough check of the machine to see exactly what is going on before purchasing any spare parts.

That said:

Please do take into account that electricity and water do not mix well.

Any maintenance should be done with the machine unplugged and any electrical repairs/mods should be done/looked at/supervised by someone who understands how these machines work and knows about how to work with electrical appliances.

If you do not have some basic electrical experience ie: you are not an engineer but you know how to repair a toaster or a vacuum cleaner, you may be better off getting a home appliance tech/electrician/knowledgeable friend to help you sort this out while at it.

That way you will also learn a few things along the way.




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Thanx again and thanx regarding your safety concerns. I have no intentions to commit suicide over the machine.
A few points: I know that it is an old machine, if I'm correct, it was first marketed on 1994 and yes, it's discontinued. as per the ESE pods, I'm using them but as far as I know, there is (or there was) a kit to convert it to accept ground coffee as well.
I'll follow your advise and turn to UNIC-SA in hope that they will be able to help.
I hope that you will keep enjoying your coffee.

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amron wrote: Thanx again ...
You're welcome.
amron wrote: ... no intentions to commit suicide ...
Of course not.
But the problem is that when sh*t happens, it is always non-intentionally.

I've lost count of the many times I became, for maybe less than a minute, overconfident/distracted/careless.
And as a result, received a fair share of mains voltage.

Till the time it almost ended up in the worst way possible.
Talk about learning things the hard way. 8^|*
amron wrote: ... there is (or there was) a kit to convert it ...
Check these chaps: http://www.alrp.se/Espressoshop/proffsm ... y_eng.html
Maybe they know about such kit, they seem to sell the optional components.



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UNIC-USA.COM lists a 45301 on their price list here: https://www.unic-usa.com/uploads/media/ ... f8e7ba.pdf

45301 (ELECTRONIC CARD) $330.44

LMWDP # 272

amron (original poster)

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Thanx, Yakster,
45301 (ELECTRONIC CARD) $330.44
I hardly find it sane to invest such an amount in a machine that old, it's not that I have some sentimental bond to it. if that will be the only option, I'll add some money and buy a new machine.