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amron wrote:Thanx for the comments.
Managed to attach the pic. here they are:image
As per the problem with the machine - after turning it on, there are no leds on the front panel, nor any response from pushing the touch buttons. I can hear clicking from a solenoid, but that it. I suspect that the VCC voltage on the control board is missing. that's why I would like to acquire the circuit diagram.
Of course I've addressed "Gicar". unfortunately, my Email wasn't replied.
Try and remove the pcb from its station and just clean it with isopropanol 99% (works great).
Just by looking around you may see damaged components or maybe nothing.
After that put it back together and turn it on safely of course.

That may do the trick 8)


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. . . definitely more photos of your GICAR board from different angles (oblique sides and ends) if possible and also the flip side :)

Might be just something simple causing this, no need to break out a soldering iron just yet ;) . . . there are at least a couple of fuses on that GICAR board and a big red thermistor right next to them in your third photo

A few more questions:
  1. When was the machine last fully functional?
  2. Which solenoid or solenoids are clicking?

And here is a <Parts Manual for the PONY 100/200 Models> . . . including hydraulic plan and the Wiring/Electrical Schematic showing some modest details of the GICAR brain box :)

And here's the webpage with further links to UNIC Pony pdfs than might come in handy <EspressoDolce Link>


Hydraulic Plan . . .

. . . and the Wiring Schematic for the UNIC Pony 100/200 models (while not a circuit board this great schematic by UNIC/Pony manufacturers is pretty awesome with many great hints on the GICAR board):

Details of the parts in these schematics/plans are in the PDF linked above UNIC Pony 100/200 models

Here's a cool YouTube video of the UNIC Pony Spresso machine in action . . . interesting!
Credit: YouTube and LogCabin channel