Looking for the 1990s Rio logo

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I'm hoping someone can help. I am restoring and old Rio and while parts are not a problem, the logo sticker on the back of the machine is curling and part of it is cracked off. I was hoping to replace or reproduce it, but I can't even find a clean image of it online :shock: ... I have been googling it for a couple weeks with no luck. If anyone on here has an old rio with this logo in good condition... could you please take a close photo of the logo so that I could use it as a base for a reproduction? I am attaching the image of my logo.

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The Rio was actually an Astoria for the US market sold by the old ESI company in Seattle. So you should search for Astoria models such as Fiore that will help you complete the logo.

This is the only photo I have of my Astoria Fiore front and you can see it has the same world map logo. I am sure you can find a better photo of a similar machine.

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I bet if you post this on photoshoprequests (or whatever it's called) on reddit, someone could give you a version ready to send to the sticker maker.

Alternatively, offer like $20 on fivver.

There's plenty of image existing to work with.

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thank you. I knew that they were both made by CMA and had at least mostly the same parts, but I didn't know much more than that. the astoria logo does look like the same size and shape, I will see if I can find a good photo and use part of that logo.


Thanks, I am pretty handy with photoshop, so I can manage something useable, I was just hoping to find an image with what is actually in that portion of the sticker before trying to improvise it. but I think I will just use the Astoria logo as a reference and then draw in the rest. I will probably actually do it in Illustrator to have a vector image to get printed.

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Ok, so I went in today and used the image I have to model and print a badge... it's not authentic, but I think I like it, in theory... I need to fine tune the print and then see if the detail is too sharp for me to cast it in brass... I may need to just print it with ABS and possibly paint it.