Longer steam wand for Lelit Bianca

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#1: Post by omon »

Hi guys,

I just received my first 'serious' espresso machine - Lelit Bianca. It is supposed to replace the Breville Touch (wife isn't ready to let go of it yet, so we'll see). Here is my issue.

Because Bianca is physically bigger and the steam wand originates at a higher point, it's not very comfortable to froth milk. One literally has to stand on tippy toes to see the milk action. Is it possible to upgrade the steam wand for a longer one that would be 1-2 inches longer?

Thank you very much!

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#2: Post by Nunas »

Serious (you're kidding...right)? At the risk of offending, are you really short or do you have your machine on a really high counter? I ask because when I was searching for a new machine, I looked at a whole bunch of them and all, including the Bianca, were no big deal for steaming. I could easily see into the jug. Okay, I'm tall, but my wife is a foot shorter than I, and she has no problem steaming either. Anyway, I don't see how an inch or two would make much difference. If you're new to espresso-making, have you considered that the tip of the steamer really only needs to be at the surface of the milk, then a bit below, not at the bottom of the jug.


#3: Post by omon »

Right - it is on a highish counter (which is not possible to adjust). Our old Breville's wand was located lower (it was almost touching a very low profile water runoff container) so I didn't notice it before. It's definitely not an issue with the machine but our kitchen setup.

I was hoping that the steam wand can just screw off and be replaced with another one?

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#4: Post by slybarman »

LOL. I'm with Nunas. If anything I thought Bianca's steam wand was too long.