Livia 90 small drip tray fix

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I remember reading that someone (I suspect it was Hank Bates) had a fix to re route the water from the OPV which tends to make the drip tray fill up too darn fast.

Could someone remind me? I'm tired of waiting too long and pouring ugly old water on the floor all the way to the sink :oops: :oops:

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You should remove t he cover and reservoir to give access, then locate the tee which is connected to the drain spout which goes into the drip tray, and remove it from the machine. Reconnect the pipe from the three way valve, now directly to the spout, then reroute the flexible hose coming from the OPV into the top of the reservoir, someplace where it is out of the way and will stay put. There will be a nut on the end of this, you don't have to remove it.

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Thank you.
That will make life just a bit tidier.