Livia 90 misbehaving

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#1: Post by SJM »

So, I recently started using the Livia again after a hiatus. First she needed a fresh gasket and got one of those silicone ones, which we both seem to like.

But today when I was heating her up I noticed that there was a steady drip into the drain from the 3-way. Hmmm....

What do I do first?

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#2: Post by Chert »

When the Livia was hot or when you activated the pump, what happened then?
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SJM (original poster)

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I didn't.
I just heated her up to use the steamer.
I'll check in the morning when I heat her up again for my morning latte.

SJM (original poster)

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Oh nevermind. This morning she was just fine.
Maybe I imagined it.
I love this machine ! ! !
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#5: Post by hankbates »

When starting up the line from the OPV assembly through the heat exchanger to the three way valve is filled with water, all of which, particularly that in the exchanger itself, expands when heated. It can't back up through the OPV assembly because there is a spring loaded check valve at its outlet. It can, however, unseat the three way valve enough so it leaks out to the drain.
Perfectly normal. Don't worry about it.

SJM (original poster)

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Thank you, Hank.

Your expertise and willingness to share what you know about the Livia is one of the reasons I know I will keep her and keep her and keep her.