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hankbates wrote:I have been using a Baratza Sette 270WI for about 5 years with my Livia 90 and am really pleased with the combo.
I dialed my Rocky down to Zero and that seemed to slow the flow a bit. I appreciate the recommendations on grinders, I'll have a look at the suggestions. What is the minimum I can expect to spend on a suitable grinder?

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A Baratza Sette 270 will cost $400 new, one which grinds by weight (270WI) is $600.
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Caution on purchasing a 270WI. I got mine to replace my aging-out Ascaso flat burr. Foolish me. The Sette is fast, and I don't really mind the noise. But foolish me thinking the by weight grinding would be an elegant solution to weighing my doses. And the spraying of grounds was not remedied by trying to reduce static charge with water drops, nor by IT wonk friend re-grounding the interior frame*. Neither stopped the spray issue. Setting aside over-spray, I thought once I dialed in the grind for my shots, I'd need only set desired weight, and badda bing. Wrong! Testing result against calibrated scale, the grind by weight is inconsistent, if not usually wholly inaccurate, usually more than a gram difference. So every time I set up a shot I need to tare the portafilter, have the grinder do its supposedly programmed thing, and then readjust what's in the basket with either leftover spray or a short extra grind.

I so wish I'd spent a bit more and gotten an upgrade device, maybe an open box Macap, Mazzer or something.

* They grounded the motor and limit switch, which touches the bottom half of the grinder, but that did not fully resolve the problem because of a definite flaw - all the metal motor parts are inside a plastic housing which causes significant static build up issues

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I've been using a Rocky with my Livia 90 with no issues, but I bought a single dose PF64P for $400 that does grind finer and has a low retention hopper and stepless grind adjustment that I like better. I weigh a single dose of beans and this also helps me dial in shots. I find the amount of coffee is just as important as the grind, I often use a couple grams more, like 17 grams in a 15 gram basket, depending on the headroom of the grouphead and screen.