A little note on boiler insulation in the Olympia Club

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Olympia Club's generally came with asbestos insulation all around the boiler except for the plate with the element; this image is from: 1976 Olympia Club Rebuild

My Club had the asbestos removed by a previous owner. The machine has the amazing-to-watch pressurestat with the copper bellows. With the case removed, the pressurestat was cycling every 1:51 on average (between 0.92 bar and 1.08 bar). I wanted to increase the time between cycles in hopes of extending the life of the now-unobtanium Olympia pressurestat.

I wrapped the boiler in two layers of "Insul-bright," as used by others here at home-barista. I left the plate with the element uninsulated because that's what Olympia did. The pressurestat then cycled every 2:20 on average, a 27% improvement 8).

With the case back on, the pressurestat is cycling every 2:44, a further 17% improvement. Unfortunately, I didn't benchmark the uninsulated boiler in the case.

Next project: Insulating the Lapera DS boiler.
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Nicely done and beautiful machine!