Lightsaber portafilter mod

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Hi guys:

so I've an ultrasaber that I don't use too much for fencing and I feel like the nice soundboard is going to waste, so I want to connect it to my portafilter.

It seems that for expobars at least they use a 7/16" UNC thread, and I need to connect it to the lightsaber, nominally I can get some rigid pvc pipe that will be DN20 (approx 26mm outer or just over 1")

Threading the lightsaber is the easy part, but the recommendation for portafilter connection is the hard part.

What do you guys think? Should I just drill out the hole and re-thread the portafilter to something that will play nicer, or do I use a couple of nipples and bushes before it mates with the pvc?

Option A: 7/16" nipple> 3/4" > bush > 1"> pvc pipe > lightsaber

Option B: Drill out hole to, say, 3/4" and have 1 nipple to pvc> lightsaber.

I'm leaning towards option B, but if there's a way to make A work then I have a way to repeat this across multiple machines as it seems that a lot use a common thread size, albeit one I'm not a fan of.