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sweaner wrote:
If the water level is too high there will be less steam produced.
A high level could produce more steam than a low one, as much more heat energy is stored in superheated water than in the vapor above it.
As the steam exits the boiler, more steam will be created by the flashing of water into vapor, removing the heat of vaporization from the water.
This lost heat must be replaced in order to maintain pressure, and if the heating element does not provide it, the water will cool, along with the steam pressure.
Extra water is helpful, as the rate of cooling will be inversely proportional to the amount of water present.

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jyl wrote:On my Elektra the water level is just a little above the heating element, leaving the maximum volume for steam. Since the Oscar is a HX it doesn't need too full of a boiler. And it's boiler is reasonably sized, I'm reading 2.3 liter.

Weak steam would be
- Water level too high (try using the new probe but slide it in the teflon sleeve or cut it so water level is above heating coils)
- Water temperature too cold (pstat adjustment)
- Obstruction between boiler and wand tip (shop said was okay, but if everything else is okay you might take a second look)
- Steam leak (seems you'd have noticed it though)

If you hold a thermometer against the boiler for a while, does it read a nice high temperature, like 225F or similar?
I will find my /IR thermometer and get a reading once the machine has warmed up.
civ wrote: That said, it seems the probe worked even with scale (described as filthy by the OP) so I don't think it is what is causing the problem.
If the probe had scale to the extent of looking filthy to the OP, be certain that there's enough scale between the boiler and the pressurestat to keep it from working properly.
Most of the teflon sleeve was green.

I will check between the boiler and pressurestat next.

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Boilers outside temp was around 200f on my IR thermometer.
i have sut it down to cool, and have now turned it back and will take a second temp.

Line between boiler and pressurestat (Sirai) was removed and soaked in descaler, but nothing came out and water flowed through it without any noticeable issue.

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Video, after 30min warm up.

Steam is pretty much this strength for the entire time, it does not diminish.
Also note, no steam when doing the flush.