Lelit PL62T Mara - pump runs, but boiler doesn't fill

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I have a problem with my Lelit PL62T, when powering on the machine the pump will run forever, but the boiler doesnt fill.
The water runs back to the tank through the shorter tube. The machine was purchased in 2017, at some point there was a rift in the tube, so the water filter no longer would fit. It has run without a filter for some time, it has not been serviced, other than backflushing since new.

Any suggestions as to where I could start, to troubleshoot and eventually repair my machine?


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If the pump still works to pump water through the group, but boiler fill is not working, most likely a blockage in the boiler fill path . For a while Lelit had a restrictor by the boiler fill solenoid, which can block up easily . It's not the easiest to get to though...

I normally remove the restrictor, a de scale may clear the blockage, but you need to know how to do it properly with a heat exchanger machine

yste (original poster)

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Thanks. I got in touch with Lelit support via. care@lelit.com.

They instructed me to remove the restrictor, part number 2200014. The machine is working again.