Lelit MaraX- Does not heat up

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I bought the MaraX in September and have had absolutely no issue before, but this morning the machine would simply not heat up. I changed the water and ran some through the group head hoping it would solve the problem if caused by air being trapped inside the thermosyphon. The machine does not heat up at all and does not build up any pressure in the gauge. Any idea what might be causing the problem?



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Check the Safety Thermostat first.

MC032 on top of the boiler has a little button on top. (UNPLUG THE MACHINE) If it clicks when you push it, then you've just reset it. Plug back in and see what happens.

If that's not it, does the element light (Right side facing the machine) turn on when the power light (Left) is on?

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I've located MC032, but it doesn't seem to have a button to push. I'm not sure what light you are referring to. The machine only has three lights. All are working as expected, except the machine doesn't heat up. The power light is solid. The water level pilot light is solid. The Heating pilot light is flashing, but the machine isn't heating up. Thanks for your help.


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If the reset isn't the problem

I would try to reposition the tank as it might be sitting a certain way that is telling the machine it's out of water.
If this doesn't help it might still be the tank switch which you would have to ask someone with more experience then me to help you test it

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I've taken out the tank and refilled it already. I doubt it has to do with the tank though as I am able to draw water from the group head and that seems to work fine. Yesterday, the machine was heating up well which makes scale less likely to be the issue. It makes me wonder if the heating element itself might be out. Any thoughts?

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I guess we're out of suggestions. I'll have to bring it back to the seller for a check up. I'm feeling fairly bitter about it as this will be the second time I have to take the machine back in 3 months. My pressure gauge was leaking the first time I turned the machine on. Talk about bad luck..


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I have opened a MaraX to have a look inside. Mine is quite different from the generic Mara diagram I posted above. Yours may be different still, but let's hope a couple pictures are worth a thousand words.

Mine turns out to have 2 safety thermostats, one for the phase and also one ofr neutral. On mine they're black plastic and the buttons are an almost brown-grey.

Here the phase safety has brown and black wires in yellow insulators. The neutral one has white and blue wires in white insulators.
The button is the little thing between the copper terminals. UNPLUG before touching it, it won't move if it isn't "popped". If it does move/click, you've reset it.

This brings us to:
You say the element lamp is blinking along properly as the machine should be heating, so the PID control is working. If the safety t-stats aren't popped, then it comes down to suspecting that the element is burnt out on your new machine. Sorry, but I'm glad it's still under warranty.

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Thank you for these photos and suggestions. Both safety thermostats were in good position and didn't click. I'll let you know what they find after taking the machine to the shop. Thanks