Lelit Mara X gets too hot

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#1: Post by Guyp25 »

Hey all,
I have Lelit mara x and I think I got a problem that the machine is getting too hot and as a result bubbles form when I make espresso.
Most of the day the machine is on, and it reaches the 100 degree area. Those who know the machine, there are 3 heat modes, I put on zero mode.
Does it make sense for the machine to reach these temperatures?

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#2: Post by another_jim »

No, it doesn't. Something is off in the sensor loop.

It does make sense if you have the machine in boiler mode, rather than the X mode, so that the boiler pressure stays constant. But if you have the machine in the X mode, and the boiler pressure is going up and down (up to about 2.5 bar when you first turn it on, down to 0.8 when you idle), then there is a problem. The mode setting is part of the PID panel programming, check your documentation.
Jim Schulman