Lelit Mara, Steam Leakage

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Hello all, i've owned a Lelit mara for about 6 months now--i'm the second owner, its about 5 years old. Recently, when i pull a shot from idle (which is usually always as i only pull 2 shots a day), steam is escaping from behind the knobs for the steam and hot water wands. its from inside the case, as i can feel steam coming from thru the top of the unit. Before i start taking it apart, does anyone have any ideas for what to examine or look for? thanks for any tips or hints!


#2: Post by JRising »

Not at all sure what you'll find, but if it happens when pulling a shot, then the brew circuit is leaking, and you'll see it running the machine with the top off. Let us know.

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mxgian74 (original poster)

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hi all just checking back in, once i took the cover off it became obvious the issue. one of the plastic y-joints had snapped off so hot water was falling on top of the boiler and steaming off. a second y joint had a hole, third had a crack, ended up replacing all three!

on the plus side, made a few mods and added some padding in spots to deal with some vibration

on the down side, the leaking of water was actually keeping my boiler temps down, so now i need to re-learn the temp profiles, the machine us running much hotter now, so it needs more flushing. will need to go back and rethink my cooling approach!