Lelit Elizabeth's brew pressure needle won't move

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I've recently purchased the Lelit Elizabeth. I've been a fan of Dave Corbey's website, and know-how of the Lelit Mara X and Elisabeth. After the initial flush I set all parameters from the advanced menu to his suggested settings. After doing this I noticed that the pressure gauge's needle did not move at all--not during preinfusion, not during infusion; zero... nilch... nada... After panicking I did a factory reset but to no avail: the needle was frozen at 0.

I noticed that the coffee poured out was very "liquidish", without any texture, and FAST!!.

Before I return it, I wanted to get your input as of if there is a setting or something I am missing. Could it be that tweaking with these parameters damaged the machine?

Thank you

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Chances are that you're not grinding fine enough for the pump to establish pressure. If you have one, use your blind basket and see if it pumps up. If you don't have a blind basket, then cut a little circle out of plastic, rubber or even Saran wrap and place it in the bottom of the portafilter to cover the holes; add some coffee to hold it in place and tamp. Or, grind your finest dose of coffee, pack the heck out of it with your tamper and see if that chokes the machine (ie, no coffee comes out). You should see the pressure rise to ~9 bar on most machines if you do this. If the pressure does not rise, then perhaps the tube that goes to the gauge is blocked. On most machines, these are very thin copper tubes.

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Some one mentioned that since I am using a Wilfa Uniform grinder it won't work for espresso. Saw the Hoffman review and saw that he is happy with the machine, and he could dial in an espresso with no problem.

I did a backflush test and saw that the needle indeed goes up to 9,5 bars.

I made a couple of videos pulling a shot with no preinfusion and yet another one with a 10" one. Here they are Judge by yourselves:

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/34x65uwcdutp ... 6x_aa?dl=0

Shot with no preinfusion:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkzq05np16bk5 ... n.mov?dl=0

WITH a 10″ preinfusion:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/qa8udhz8qno1f ... n.mov?dl=0

In the last two shots the needle is stuck within the "preinfusion" part of the gauge. Grinder setting to 2.

Suggestions welcome.

Thank you .

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Well, it's definitely a grinder issue. I suggest you turn the grind control to its finest setting and pull a shot with that. To be an espresso grinder, that's a basic test. It should choke your machine. If it does not, then maybe you can do a recalibration. I don't know your grinder at all, but many grinders have a calibration adjustment that you turn until the burrs just barely touch. You go to this point, then back off a smidgen. Usually there's also a setting to zero the dial. In some grinders, there's no adjustment and this process is accomplished using shims.
Edit: I got curious about your grinder and had a look online. I found this video about changing burrs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jHwWqJ5miA
You probably don't need to change burrs, but you could follow the calibration procedure. Since you have a flat burrs grinder, you may wish at some point to not just calibrate the touchpoint, but also align the burrs to be true. Here's a video about that http://coffeenavigated.net/grinder/

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Since I purchased it on Amazon not even a week ago, I decided to get a Baratza 30.

Thanks for your input!

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Are you sure that's what you want to do? I like Baratza grinders (I have a 270Wi), but they are not very sturdy. Also, the Sette 30 is barely a good match for your Elizabeth.

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Agreed. This grinder is not a keeper, for sure. But I must have something until the Niche Zero arrives mid March... Then I will sell or store this one...

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babel wrote:Since I purchased it on Amazon not even a week ago, I decided to get a Baratza 30.

Thanks for your input!
a 30 is not really an adequate espresso grinder. Perhaps a 120, it is 40 times as likely to have the exact sweet spot you need, but as people are pointing out, it's not the most robust thing in the world. People using Settes daily in an "At home" situation are going to be replacing their gearboxes from time to time. Not that expensive so long as you do your rebuilds yourself.
But anyway, yes, you do need an espresso grinder, the Sette should last until March when the Niche comes.