Lelit Bianca - Steam Boiler Over Pressurized

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#1: Post by outdoorcoffee »

I have a few weeks old Lelit Bianca v2 and in the last 24 hours something has gone wrong with the steam boiler/pressure. The machine starts spewing steam and the pressure on the steam gauge goes beyond the max reading of 3 into the pump gauge number below it (see image, machine has just been turned off in the image). It appears that it reaches about 4 bars of pressure, but it may just stop there due to interference with the pump gauge. The steam boiler is set to 125C. Any thoughts on what is going on would be very helpful. Thanks!

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#2: Post by Nunas »

Send it back for repair or replacement, or at least call your seller. I suspect the problem is just the gauge, as you don't mention the boiler safety valve popping. Also, is that steam or vapour I see in the gauge...shouldn't be there. Probably you just need a new gauge.

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#3: Post by JRising »

Was the PID Display still showing a reasonable temperature despite the gauge proving that the pressure is insanely high?

Is it plumbed in and possibly being overpressurized by line pressure and an internally leaking boiler-fill solenoid?

Did it happen in the first 10 minutes after being turned on while it was doing its initial warm up or after it had been on a while while you were using the machine to brew?

Anyway, you'll need to contact the seller and be ready for these questions.

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#4: Post by HB »

This could be caused by the steam boiler overfilling (e.g., due to the water level sensor being disconnected or scaled over). Is the steam coming from the steam valve nearly all water?
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#5: Post by coffeesh »

Hi. Im having the same problem with my Bianca. Did u solve the issue in the end? Thank you


#6: Post by Highflyer »

Hi , I'm having the same problem when starting machine from cold it's going to more than 3 bars in intial 15 minutes but stabilises by 30 min .. would really appreciate if some answers could be provided

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#7: Post by another_jim »

For the later posters; if you have changed the PID parameters, do a factory reset of all parameters. It is theoretically possible to mistake the steam and brew boiler parameters and destabilize the steam boiler's PID constants, This would result in overshoot during heat up.

For the OP, if the spewed steam is from the safety valve; you likely have a problem with the PID unit or sensor hardware. Contact the seller for a troubleshooting via the phone.
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#8: Post by Coolguy8877 »

I ran into a similar issue with my Bianca a few months back using rpavlis water without the lelit softener in the tank. Mentioned this to Jim @ 1st-line and he suggested trying tap water. I didn't go full tap but when my tank was low I added about 1 cup of tap water, filled the tank, and my steam pressures normalized. I'm using 3.8g of 10g/100mL potassium bicarb concentrate per gallon of distilled water that I learned from this forum, so not sure what the problem is. Just hoping a bit of tap doesn't cause limescale until I eventually move in the next couple years and plumb-in (will evaluate if descaling is warranted at that time or sooner if I run into issues). Would be interested to see if this is also a solution for others, or if folks see this as a major red flag/no-no. FYI I have not tested my Chicago tap water.


#9: Post by Highflyer »

Thanks so much for your inputs will try resetting the pid and use a little bit of tap water ( I have been making my own water but it hadn't caused the problem earlier so don't know what changed ,I use a mixture of Epson salt and baking soda and a tds of 100-110).

Furthermore this problem occurs only starting from cold and then no problem whatsoever as the day progresses


#10: Post by Highflyer »

So did a reset of PID works normal now pressure didn't go beyond 1.7,didn't change the water as of now .

Thanks so much again

But a small question (and I know it's very funny one ) so should I avoid increasing the steam pressure to let's say 127-130 from 125 , and not put a pre infusion ?? Or how should I proceed