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#61: Post by elkayem »

I bought mine in January and haven't seen anything remotely like this, but I'm watching your issue closely just in case. Based on your description, it sounds like the temp sensor is bad. It could simply be a loose connection at the electronics board, or could be at the sensor head itself. My first instinct would be to open the machine up and check the sensor connection to the electronics board. If that doesn't do it, hopefully Clive can rush out a new sensor to you. Please keep us posted on the resolution.


#62: Post by Clutch »

Agree, and I hope you don't have an issue either. It seems like anyone who has the issue has had their machine for a relatively short period of time, so it may be a case of getting "good" or "bad" parts.

A faulty temperature sensor makes sense or the interpretation of that signal in the controller. I think previous theories about water quality / TWW are invalid. There are many machines running a PID controlled boiler running a million different water compositions. Water just doesn't make sense.

Clive responded yesterday stating that it could have just been that the vacuum breaker prematurely sealed and that I shouldn't worry until the OPV releases. I thought maybe this held some water especially with the added complexity of the reservoir fill light coming on. Well since the safety valve blew this morning on a normal warm-up, I sent them a follow up email with more detail and a video regarding the erratic temp readings.

Hopefully they respond soon, but at this point I'm very much thinking about a return / exchange for another machine. The issue certainly seems systemic to this model and while I don't mind doing my own repairs if it came down to it, I'm also not excited having to repair a 3 week old machine where the issue isn't acknowledged as a design/manufacturing defect and also blamed on user's water.

Oh well - sorry for the rant, just kind of frustrated and I assume it's important for others to know that the issue still exists.

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#63: Post by elkayem »

If you're seeing the temperature probe readings change wildly, then it has to be the probe. It's a brand new machine so water can't be an issue here. I wouldn't assume you are experiencing the same problem others on this thread have reported, even if the symptom is the same. It can be frustrating to encounter something like this in the first few weeks of ownership, but I would see if the issue can't easily be resolved before returning/exchanging. Lelit posted a video on replacing the temperature probe, which looks super simple and shouldn't take more than a few minutes (below). As a first step, try unplugging and replugging the sensor from the electronics. Though probably best to talk to Clive first to stay on the good side of their warranty. It is definitely in Clive's best interest to have you fix it at home, since shipping and restocking isn't cheap.


#64: Post by Clutch »

OK thanks for that resource. Yes, once Clive gives the green light (suggestion) that I open up the case, I assume they'll have me check electrical connections, so I'll do that and I'll go as far as updating the probe to see if that works.

I don't want the default to be a return/exchange of course. These are not maintenance free machines and I understand that. I'm just not excited to have a recurring problem if, in fact, it becomes one.

thanks for the support - I'll keep updating with new info


#65: Post by learntheharvway » replying to Clutch »

Hey Clutch,

Sorry you're experiencing these issues. I know how excited you were to receive the machine based on your posts in other threads. Wish you the best of luck with the machine and if you don't mind keep us posted.


#66: Post by LuccaM58pi »

I have owned a Lucca M58 since August of 2020 and have had the steam boiler overpressure issue, intermittently, since day one. I have reached out to Clive throughout and continually for the last month. Unfortunately, I have yet to hear back from their service on a solution. The last couple of incidences have followed a few days of not turning the machine on due to travel. The problem seems to persist until I turn the steam temp way down and purge enough water to refill the boiler. When refill happens, the PID suddenly reads a much higher temp reading (290 F) and then the PID stops the heating cycle until the temp drops back to where I set it. Unfortunately, I don't have a strong enough understanding of what's happening to diagnose and the lack of response from Clive to help me diagnose and resolve is very disheartening.

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#67: Post by another_jim »

I'm sorry to hear the problem is continuing. When I originally heard about it, it sounded like a problem with the Gicar sensors. Jim P of First Line thought it was a problem with overly soft designer and RO waters.

The posts here indicate that neither simple explanatiion works in all cases; people who use harder water have also had the problem, although more rarely; and the machines having the problem are not from one production batch or one manufacturer, although they all share the same Gicar controls. I'll try to get updates from Jim and also WLL, and find out what their service departments are seeing.
Jim Schulman

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#68: Post by LuccaM58pi »

This seems most plausible to me. I have a similar intermittent issue with my machine (Lucca M58) most often surfacing following not turning on the machine for a few days. The issue usually resolves after I purge enough steam and water to trigger a prolonged refill cycle.

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#69: Post by slybarman »

Does ECM use the same Gicar as there were reports of at least a few ECM machines have same or very similar issue?

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#70: Post by another_jim »

Afaik, yes.
Jim Schulman