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what are you using for water


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Well, I started with Bestmax water for the first 2 days, but then I installed a 6 stage RO system with a remineralization filter.
The TDS of the filtered water (after remineralization) is 30-40ppm.

I have a friend who owns a Bianca for about a year.
His RO system produces water of 20ppm TDS.
He says, that he never had this issue even though he using water with less conductivity that mine.

Thinking this might really be an issue with the water, I emptied the steam boiler and refilled it with the Bestmax water.
The issue is still happening.


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Anyone ?


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Try unplugging and reinserting the steam boiler temperature probe from the computer. A loose connection could cause this problem. Beyond that, reach out to your vendor and report back if they find a fix that solves your problem.