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#41: Post by cyclezib »

Regarding your recipe for RPavlis water, you wrote "pharmaceutical grade Potassium Carbonate" but when you wrote out the chemical formula, you used the formula for Potassium Bicarbonate (KHCO3, which is the correct chemical). Is it possible you are using Pot carb and not bicarbonate?


#42: Post by Gunder »

I have just received my Bianca today and have noticed the same issue. It's happening in both the brew boiler and the steam boiler. Not nearly as badly as the original poster, just small amounts.

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#43: Post by spressomon »

Although I don't have a 'dog in this scuffle' and have only a curiosity from a mechanical (and hydro) perspective, I have wondered why no update to this thread and problem.

Certainly, the USA Distributor and Lelit are actively pursuing answers & ultimately remedies? Are Lelit owners getting frustrated and moving to another brand of espresso machine? Or has the issue been resolved for them and they just haven't updated/provided additional information for this thread?

Regardless, I certainly would not want an espresso machine, new or old, spitting out black particles unrelated to espresso grounds.
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#44: Post by Solenoid »

I can't help but wonder if this is related to the steam boiler overpressure situation that was reported. Both seem to be related to some sort of corrosion issue in the steam boiler system. Hopefully Lelit can get to the bottom of this and determine the cause.