Lelit Bianca owners: how does water from the brew head taste?

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Hi all, sorry for asking a water-related question in this thread, but I thought I would get more replies from Bianca owners this way.
I bought Bianca a few months ago, and yesterday for the first time I tasted water coming from the brew head (mainly because I wanted to compare the taste with the one from my old Brewtus). The taste was horrible: bitter, plastic-like, especially in the aftertaste. This wasn't a mild difference from a regular hot water, but a clearly noticeable one.
Could anyone else do the same test and let me know whether you notice the same?
If so, are you using the holder for the Lelit water filter in the tank or not? The reason I am asking is that this particular piece gives a bad smell, and I've been trying to figure out if that's maybe the source of this plastic taste.

Just for the reference: our water is relatively soft and tastes great right from the tap. I haven't been using any other filters, except for the Lelit one, though I thought I'd try Brita (will buy it today) to see if it makes a difference.
I regularly back-flush (once a day), clean the brew head after each shot, and a few weeks ago the machine was also back-flushed with a detergent.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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It's odd, not something I've noticed.

Taste the steam boiler water; is it the same? If so, you need to replace the tank or components inside it (you should not be using the softener if your water s already soft) If the steam boiler water tastes fine; then the contamination is downstream of the pump and boiler fill solenoid. I'm not sure what to say in this case, since there is only brass and steel after that point. It would mean there is a contamination in your brew boiler, and it may need to be drained and cleaned.

Add on: If the steam boiler tastes fine, before going into the brew boiler, check the needle valve assembly -- that is a tight spot where something can lodge and add an off taste. The backflushes should have kept it clean; but if, as an ironic for instance, you have a lump of Urnex in there, it would explain the bitter taste.
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dunja (original poster)

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Thanks a lot for the reply! I've just tasted the water from the steam boiler (which I don't use that often, so I threw away two mugs of water before trying it). That one tasted the same and actually even worse (probably due to being a bit stale), but the same kind of taste. What's confusing is that the machine has been only 3-4 months in use. So when you taste the water from the brew head, it doesn't have any off taste? If you let it cool down a bit, what's the standard one can expect?
My only guess at this point is that there might be some chlorine in water, which when heated gives this taste. I'll now run through fresh water that's been filtered with Brita, and also I removed that black plastic holder for the Lelit filter, and see whether the taste improves.

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The problem is the water or tank. Haven't read about it recently, but it's happened that the plastic of the tank was inadequately cured, and gave off an aroma. Try the water straight out of the tank, and see if it's also bad (heat it, if it only happens when the water is hot). You may also try heating water straight from the tap. I've lived in a few buildings so old that the water pipes were occasionally skunky. You'll eventually hunt down the source.
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dunja (original poster)

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Thanks a lot, Jim, I'll do that and see how it tastes. My current guess is that the tank itself is fine, but that the taste comes from that holder for the Lelit water filter. I've now removed it and placed it in another dish, so I can taste the water from there (also heated as you suggest). I've also emailed Lelit to ask about that part because it is so smelly. Since at least a few more people had the same issue with their Bianca, I'll post an update once I figure out where this taste is coming from.

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Well done, sounds like you found the culprit. It's easy enough the use the machine without the filter (if your water is hard, just dilute it with distilled until Lelit can send a new one). It may be that the plastic curing problems I mentioned affects just the bit.
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#7: Post by DaveC »

New purchasers often don't do the following because it's not in the manuals. I put 15 litres through a new machine flushing it clean before testing and new machine taste remains for 1 to 3 months. QuickMill machines are best for quicky loosing new taste.

I don't like in tank filters as they can get a bit skunky in a warm/room temp tank after a few weeks... Depending on how much water you use it can stay in there days before refilling.

Some people only clean and sterilise/wash the tank every few months and not every few weeks. Things get slimy and not nice.

Shower screens are not dropped and the screen and area behind it cleaned every week. Puly Caffe is not enough.

Water in service boilers is rarely drained and refreshed to prevent the concentration of dissolved matter and ions increasing greatly over time.

All the above contributes to water not tasting good.