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OK, will do that. Thanks, Dave, very much appreciate all your help (I have Brewtus in the office and Bianca at home, so that's why I've been asking for help for both machines these days).

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Update: we drained both boilers (according to Clive's instructions: https://support.clivecoffee.com/en/leli ... he-boilers).
Here is what happened:

1) The water from the steam boiler came out foggy and full of sediments (white-dark-gray in color). I should mention that over the past year, I used tap water directly for a few months (total hardness = 7 dH°) because I had issues with the filter holder giving off bad taste/smell. This summer, after returning from vacation (not having used Bianca for a month), the water from the steam boiler came out brownish. The issue quickly disappeared, but every now and then, I'd notice tiny bit of brown particles in the water from both boilers. Today, after draining and refilling the boilers (with water filtered through BWT BestMax Premium, which we've recently installed), the water from the brew boiler came out clear, but from the steam boiler we got those grayish sediments.

2) The taste from the brew boiler (which used to be plastic-like) is now decent. There is a new perhaps slightly metalic taste to the water if you taste it once it's cooled down. I'll be following the taste over the next days to check if the plastic taste returns.

I am not sure what to do about those sediments from the steam boiler. Perhaps this is just scale, but I'm not sure how to determine if it is or not. I thought I'd flush another liter of water tomorrow and see if it clears up. Otherwise, perhaps drain both boilers again and refill? Or should I take it to a technical service to inspect for possible scaling?

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I've been reading this thread for a few days now and I have the exact same issue as you Dunja. Long story short, i noticed a bad taste in the coffee, tried to drain both boilers and put new water, I noticed in the water tank that the plastic was either melting or something because there were some black residue at the bottom of the tank, and it wasnt mold because i felt like the thing holding the filter was disintegrating to the touch.

Ultimately I contacted Lelit support in Canada and they sent me a new water tank this morning. Drained the boilers again and tried to brew again, still getting this strong weird aftertaste in the coffee.

Did you manage to solve the issue?

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A quick update for the forum: on my end the situation is this: the taste has never really been resolved. The water from the brew boiler still tastes off, but I'd say metallic rather than plastic. I also notice sometimes whitish-brownish particles coming out (not always though). My guess is that the boiler perhaps got scaled before I switched to BWT filtered water. So my plan now is to take the machine to a service shop where they can hopefully identify what the problem is.

Does anyone have an idea if a metallic taste from Bianca can be normal? The water I am using is quite soft:
- water that goes into the tank: 97-101 ppm
- water from the brew head: 102-106 ppm
(each time I measure, I get a different result with this cheap device, but it's usually so that the water from the boiler is a tad harder than from the tap).