Lelit Bianca - during startup LCC turns off as soon as brew boiler reaches 130 degrees Celsius

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Dear Bianca owners I would like your help and thoughts about this strange issue that bothers me. The timeline is below
  • I turn on the machine. The LCC displays the brew boiler temp around 20 degrees and keeps rising
  • Temperature flashes (along with the progress bar) and reaches the PID configured one. When I press the + button momentarily it displays the actual temp which is around 130 degrees. This takes around 15 minutes. Steam boiler is up to temp.
  • LCC turns off but power button is still lit. If I initiate a brew, steam exits group head but pump is not starting
At this stage I have tried two thing.

1)I unplug the machine wait for lets say 10 seconds and re-plug it in. Machine starts, displays brew boiler temp around 110+ and slowly cools down unitl it reaches the PID temp. After that everything is fine.
2) Wait without doing anything. After a few minutes (5-10) machine boots up again displaying the brew temp at around 101 degrees and slowly reaches correct temp.

All temperatures are in Celsius.
During OFF time steam boiler cools down and looses pressure.

Have you experience this issue? Do you have any idea of what it might causes it? I usually do not look at the machine while it heats up so I am not sure how often this is happening but defiantly it happen quite a few times by now.

Despite the above machine operates fine without issues.

Extra Info
  • Machine is around a year old.
  • Well maintained (cleaned) but never descaled.
  • I use bottled water with 93 CaCo3 and water softener in the tank


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Contact Lelit support. I think they will solve your problem - care@lelit.com
LCC is disabled when the protection is triggered.

Just write to us how it all ended for you.


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I would love to hear how your story ends.

Team HB

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I'm thinking the same thing... I love the ones like this, threads about machines I know that I can't even begin to diagnose.

FWIW, I expect the transformer powering the board in the LCC is simply overheating after a short amount of time (about what it takes to heat the boiler to 129 degrees). I expect Lelit's first repair attempt will be to swap the LCC.

Do let us know. Sorry we can't help you much, but we'd love to learn with you.

slaughter (original poster)

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I believe the issue comes from the Temperature Probe. It might not detect the correct temperature due to very soft water.
I "drained" my brew boiler and refilled it with normal tap water. After that the issue seems to be resolved.
The next 3-5 times I powered on the machine the brew temp recached the 120c and started to fall. The LCC was ok.
Unfortunately I cannot be in front of the machine everyday so I am not sure if the issue is still present. I now mix my soft bottled water with tap water (which is not so hard in my area).
The bottled water I use has CaCo3 at around 98 + I use the Lelit Water Softener so it might end up to soft for the machine to function properly.

Your Thoughts?


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When the temperature is exceeded, the thermostat is activated.
You can only disable it manually.

slaughter (original poster)

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I know. This is not my case as I didn't open the top to recover from this state. As I mentioned in my initial post if I pull the plug, count to 10 and plug the machine again, it boots up normally and I can see the high temperature on the LCC ( I then trigger a brew, steam comes out, etc etc).

slaughter (original poster)

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Find below the answer from Lelit

Lelit Care
Hello Christos, we have analyzed your detailed description. According to our technical dept. your machine seems to have an overheating problem. When one of the two boilers overheats, the machine turns off automatically to protect the system and turns on and works normally again after 10-15 minutes, when the parameters return ideal. We suggest contacting your reseller to understand the cause of this phenomenon and maybe have some parts replaced. Specifically, the parts could be: Temperature probe 9600092 1 pc Relay coffee boiler 9600028 1 pc Thermostats coffee boiler MC032 2 pcs Please, remember that your reseller is responsible for warranty terms and conditions and for the after sale service. We remain at your complete disposal for any further issue. Thanks and kind regards

Still trying with reseller and Lelit to cover this under warrantee.

Team HB

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Have you tested the elements for a short to ground? It could be a cracked element in your brew boiler causing it to overheat. When the LCC notices the overheat, the LCC shuts itself off. I'm a little surprised that the LCC notices before the safety thermostat, but I guess it's a possibility.

slaughter (original poster)

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No I haven't open the machine. This is happening in random occasions e.g. once every 5 heat ups. If it was a cracked element this would also cause issues also after the warm up that I never have. I suspect the temperature probe. I google the thermostat and it is this one - Lelit MC032 165 °C Safety Thermostat - so it needs to exceed 165c to trigger, never seen it even close.