Lelit Anna PL41 EM Thermometer Mod Questions

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#1: Post by CareyB »

Does anyone have any recommendations?

I guess this applies to any of the machines without a thermometer; Gaggia Classic, etc

I have questions:

Which thermometer/probe works?

How best to attach it to the boiler?

Should I attach it to the group instead, or both?

Is it even necessary?

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#2: Post by baldheadracing »

While I use a Scace thermofilter for 58mm machines, for other machines I use a bare wire K-type thermocouple sandwiched between Kapton tape and place the assembly on top of the coffee puck and then lock the portafilter into place. Here's an example showing what I do (not my video; ignore the parts about the grouphead thermometer):
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#3: Post by JRising »

If it were necessary, would the engineers at Lelit have accidentally forgotten it?

If you greatly desire one, mounting an NTC bead on the boiler would be easy, then all you need is a display. If you like building electronics you could use available electronics such as: https://www.hackster.io/Arnov_Sharma_ma ... lay-83faa7

You could spend a lot of money to purchase something pre-made. Perhaps the body of a hand-held digital thermometer, but the "probe" can be removed and replaced with the NTC thermister wired and attached to the boiler in whatever way pleases you, I don't see how a second bead sharing the same bolt as the machine's own would be a problem.