Leaking Steam Valve Signor cappuccino CXE9

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Hi All,

I bought a CXE-9 Signor cappuccino coffee maker off eBay. It's an electric and much bigger older made by Vesubio variant of the Bellman CX-25E. I plan on only using it for steam for frothing milk. As-is, I get good steam, but the needle valve for the steam is leaking since I see steam coming out in the fully closed position. I'm betting this is actually preventing it from coming up to full pressure which slows down bigger pitchers of milk and the occasional hot cocoa for the little ones. I'm considering two solutions and was wondering if anyone had insights:
  • Get the replacement steam wand from Prima Coffee for the bellman CX-25 and replace the whole thing.
  • Try and a replacement needle for just the know portion.
I've attached some pictures of the needle valve head and the machine in case that is useful.


#2: Post by RobAnybody »

there seems to be a lot of wat looks like scale buildup at the tip of the needle valve. have you tried removing that?
it could very well be that this prevents the valve from closing properly.
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