Leaking steam boiler Profitec Pro 700

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Hi all, I'm new to the group and looking for some guidance as I trouble shoot my now leaking PP700. I have taken off the covers and elevated the machine to get a look at all components. It was immediately apparent there seems to be an issue with the steam boiler due to rust on the bolts that secure the heating element.

The 2nd attached image shows the system after I ran a full cycle and allowed it to cool and shows some water drops and the rusty parts. The leak is inconsistent and can be a teaspoon or, flood the counter at times.

I suspect I can just tighter the nuts, but in other posts this approach seems to open a can of worms. Is there a gasket in there that is fried? A sealant that has dried out? Or, has the heat/cool cycle and vibrations from the pump loosened things up?

The system holds pressure just fine and rises to temp too. The leak occurs following cool down and not while under pressure.

Thanks in advance for any insights.

- Alex


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Alex, my guess would be that there's a big rubber o-ring there. If it were mine, I'd remove the heating element and replace what ever gasket or o-ring might be there. If I found that it was just an o-ring, I'd take it to the hardware store and see if I could match it up, even if for only the time being, while I ordered the correct o-ring (for example, I find it's a red o-ring, which is heat resistant, and all I can find at the hardware store will be the black o-rings).

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I fear that you will find that the element-flange is so rusted that it may allow leakage past the new o-ring. But if you find a local shop with ECM/Profitec parts, you may want to try just the o-ring first and save a hundred bucks.

Of note: That's a lot of rust. My first reaction is "Oh My, that's an excellent example of the acidic rusting problem you get from hydrogen exchange softeners on city water with a lot of chloramines" If you are using a Hydrogen Exchange softener, I think you'll want to switch to a Sodium Exchange softener when it comes due.

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It looks like #18 below, part P9013:

See Profitec Pro 700: Parts Diagram from WholeLatteLove
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