Leaking Gaggia Classic pump

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Anyone ever rebuild a leaking Gaggia Classic pump and get it to stop leaking? After my rebuild I decided to try backflushing my machine and afterwards found the top of my pump leaking. Must have been weak as I followed to backflushing of only 5 seconds run time.

Anyways, there is an o-ring around the top that should be the culprit if I could only fine one (or two but not 50 or 100) it might be an affordable fix vs buying a new pump. I measure 1.5mm x 13mm x 16mm (cs x id x od). Went to my local rubber shop where I get belts and hoses and o-rings and they didn't have anything but could order 100 for me so that made it not worthwhile.

Thinking of trying some silicone sealer.

Think it'll work?


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I wouldn't use silicone.

If you've got the dimensions correct, you can order a package of 4 viton O-rings in this size for $4 and change from hoseandfittings.com. Nitrile O-rings would be fine in this application and would be even cheaper, (though you'd probably get 10 for $4 instead of 4 for $1.50).

If you order tomorrow you get free shipping because they're cool like that and ship for free on Fridays.


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Thanks. That makes it worth pursuing.