Leaking at grouphead/portafilter (E61 / ECM Mechanika IV)

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Hi all,

For a few weeks my machine has been progressively leaking around the portafilter. It began as a couple random drips, and I guessed a bit of coffee stuck preventing a seal, so I brushed it clean, did the cleansing with a closed filter, and it seemed to disappear.

It's come back, with a growing vengeance. Can't even make a watered-down espresso :(

Any clues how to approach/diagnose/fix?
The machine is due for a maintenance, but I would like to know whether I can solve this myself.
Click the pic to get video of the current unusable state below!


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You need a new group gasket. Easy for a self repair-maintenance.

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I agree. I use silicone gaskets from Cafelat. http://www.cafelat.com/silicone-group-gaskets.html

benomatic42 (original poster)

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chipman wrote:You need a new group gasket. Easy for a self repair-maintenance.
Feeling pretty stupid for not expecting a gasket up in there.. when I looked from below I didn't see anything, but I was looking for stuck grinds and the like ;)