Leakage at solenoid valve

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Hello all,
recently I had to remove the solenoid valve in my Brewtus because it stopped switching. I removed the valve (which was hard work because you cannot access it easily in the Brewtus, therefore I had to take apart half of the machine in order get access to it) and descaled it - it is working again. However I noticed now - one week later :( - that the machine is dripping slightly right at the junction of the solenoid valve, where the lock nut sits (see picture below with some lime on the counter nut).
Before spending again time and effort to disassemble the Brewtus, you have have suggestions of what to do: Should I just apply more force to tighten the counter nut or do I need to add other stuff like teflon tape or ....?

Thanks in advance

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BaristaBoy E61

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I would not force it. Take it apart again and thoroughly clean it and wrap the thread with white Teflon tape.
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